Maisie Williams bought some Bitcoins

Maisie Williams, the famous actress of Game of Thrones, bought several Bitcoins in the middle of the bullish rally that the cryptomoney is experiencing.

The latest rally in the Bitcoin price has left no one indifferent. So far this year, Bitcoin has more than doubled in value, slowly approaching its all-time high of about $20,000. This has made dozens of people question whether they should enter the crypto market. Among them is Maisie Williams, who bought some Bitcoins after asking for the public’s opinion in the day’s Tweet:

should i go long on bitcoin ?
– Maisie Williams (@Maisie_Williams) November 16, 2020

Bitcoin is still in an upward trend

Maisie Williams flirts with Bitcoin

The crypto world is having a party and it’s not for nothing. After many times, crypto skeptics and financial analysts announced the definitive death of Bitcoin. Finally, the crypto currency has once again reached its historical high of around 20,000 dollars. In what is already the biggest bullish rally in recent years for the crypto currency.

This has attracted the attention of media and personalities from all over the world. Who are once again interested in Bitcoin, some as a possible investment, and others as a curiosity of the markets. Among those who have taken an interest in BTC these last days is Maisie Williams, the actress who jumped to fame for representing Arya Stark in the famous Game of Thrones series.
Maisie Williams buys some Bitcoin in the middle of the rally at her price. Source: CoindeskMaisie Williams bought some Bitcoins in the middle of the rally at her price. Source: Coindesk CoinDesk

Thus, Maisie Williams launched a survey yesterday through her Twitter account. In it, she asked her followers if they should buy Bitcoin in the midst of the important rise in the price of cryptoactive. She got a total of 902,304 votes in just 24 hours, with 53.4% advising against buying and 46.6% suggesting that she should.

„Should I go long with Bitcoin?

Of course, Maisie Williams‘ message sparked reactions in the crypto world, with major crypt influencers welcoming her to the cryptcoin market. Even though the vote was against the purchase of Bitcoins, the actress finally decided to go against the result by acquiring some BTCs, as she commented in another tweet. Becoming, in this way, the most recent member of the crypto community.