Bitcoin Victory: Scam or Legit Trading Robot?

Bitcoin Victory alleges to be a robot that trades on trading on the Bitcoin market. The robot claims to aid traders in earning gains of as much as $5k per day. However, is it a scam or legitimate trading bot? InsideBitcoins is seeking solutions. Our research has revealed it is clear that Bitcoin Victory is a big fraud. We have lost money during our live testing, and we’re convinced it is a risk to attempt it. Most people test-doing it claim to have made massive losses. InsideBitcoins investigation includes an actual test as well as an analysis of individual user reviews.

Bitcoin Victory

We are able to confirm that this website is operated and owned by fraudsters. They are in a cahoots with untrustworthy affiliate marketers and fraudulent brokers. We have also established the fact that Bitcoin Victory is nothing but an online site. It does not use any proprietary trading software and does not have any connection to real brokers. Read on to learn more about this fraud robot and click on“trade“ now. „trade now“ button in the table below to begin trading using a tried and tested robot.

  • Robot
  • Rating
  • Properties
  • Trade

Free to use

  • 85 percent of the claimed wins
  • $/PS 250 Min Deposit
  • Accepts Credit and Debit Card

Is Bitcoin Victory a Scam? Yes!

  • InsideBitcoins offers Bitcoin Victory a legitimacy score of 5%. The legitimacy of a robot must be above 70%.
  • Bitcoin Victory has a generally negative online review – Many reviewers claim to lose all their deposits within the first minutes of trading
  • InsideBitcoins has found the fact that Bitcoin Victory presents a fake trading platform. The platform serves as a bait for traders who are not aware of it.
  • Continue reading to find out more, or check out our Bitcoin Robot 2019 review to learn more about genuine trading robots.

Bitcoin Victory has all the red flags of a fraud trading robot. First, they constantly change the names of their domains and even changing them. The scam trading robots use this method in order to avoid being penalized for their actions by Google for the numerous complaints against them. Furthermore, their website is not secure, which means they don’t pay any care about the users‘ data privacy. Scam robots are known for their ability to sell personal information of users to scammers, including hackers.

Furthermore, Bitcoin Victory lies about the majority of things. We will discover after this article every testimonial on the website are bogus. The images used to create the profiles, including those of the founder are stock photos. The majority of all scam robots we have examined use fake profiles for testimonials and founders. InsideBitcoins performs an Google reverse image search in order to find fake profiles.

An analysis of in-depth reviews from users regarding Bitcoin Victory reveals that it is a total scam. The majority of reviewers have reported loss of money in the initial couple of minutes after trading. Bitcoin Victory customer service is only helpful when you deposit money. Furthermore, they don’t respond to inquiries once the deposit has been made. InsideBitcoins investigation has revealed it is true that Bitcoin Victory makes money by making deposits. Their website-trader is fake which means there isn’t any live trading happening.

What is Bitcoin Victory?

Bitcoin Victory is a scam platform that works with fake offshore brokers to scam traders. As with most scam robots Bitcoin Victory mainly targets desperate and ignorant traders. They employ manipulative marketing tactics to lure their victims. In addition, as mentioned previously, the testimonials they post on their website are all fake. Furthermore, the testimonials are designed to attract people who have severe financial difficulties. These fake testimonials tend to be about people who lived in poverty prior to discovering the application. This highlights how insufferable the fraudsters of Bitcoin Victory are.

InsideBitcoins investigation also found that fake brokers are being used to make transactions. The purpose for brokers is helping facilitate trades. Bitcoin Victory does not engage in any form of trading, and thus does not cooperate with any broker that is real. The live test we conducted shows that the brokers listed as partners for this software do not exist. The result is that all funds transferred through Bitcoin Victory go straight into the pockets of the fraudsters who operate the platform.

Another method by which the platform entices traders is by establishing ties with mainstream media and celebrities. The promotional video on its website appears to suggest that the site has been featured on CNBC as well as CNN. They are deceitful and designed to convince people to sign-up without thinking about it. Check out the Bitcoin Code review to discover a trustworthy trading robot.

What is the process behind Bitcoin Victory work?

Bitcoin Victory claims to apply sophisticated trading robots that analyze the crypto market and take trading decision. Our investigation has revealed that this is a fraud. We’ve determined that this website doesn’t have any fundamental technology. They offer a fake website-trader to trick traders into thinking that they’re participating in live trading, even though their money is taken. We suggest you stay clear of Bitcoin Victory. The fraudsters behind this platform are not content with just stealing your money, they also sell your information to fraudsters.

The legitimate trading robots use sophisticated computer algorithms to make trade decisions and make trades. The algorithms are based on cutting-edge technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. When it comes to trading, a great computer algorithm is more effective than an individual trader. This is due to its ability to analyse massive amounts of data in one second and then place the appropriate trades. Furthermore, trading algorithms remove the emotion of trading and thus increasing efficiency.

Bitcoin Loophole is among the best cryptocurrency trading robots. The robot is able to study all kinds of information, including the analysis of news headlines and reading them. Plus is that you don’t need any prior experience in trading to utilize this machine. Check out the Bitcoin Loophole Review to find out more.

The reasons why you shouldn’t join with Bitcoin Victory

Bitcoin Victory has all the features of a fraud trading robot. It will not just take your money and disappear, but it will also expose you. Here are a few main reasons why you should avoid Bitcoin Victory.

Unsafe Sign-up process

The process to sign up for Bitcoin Victory involves filling in the required information in a form that is available through their web site. InsideBitcoins evaluates a secure sign-up process based on the volume of data that is collected, how secure it is kept, and whether any measures are that are in place to protect the information. Bitcoin Victory website and trading platform aren’t secured. Both platforms lack Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security which means hackers are able to capture traffic and take data.

In our live test We can tell that this site is infected by malware. If you visit it directly using Google Chrome or Mozilla triggers security alarms. It is not obvious even if you access the website via the affiliate links. This is due to the fact that they have created these links in order to circumvent Google security measures. Additionally, there are numerous complaints regarding certain hyperlinks on the site that download malware on devices of users. Bitcoin Victory does not have any policy on protecting personal data. This is not unusual for fraud bots for trading.

Deposits are not refunded.

As previously mentioned there is no way to earn any money from Bitcoin Victory. It’s a scam that aims to extort customers‘ funds. In addition, they do not refund the deposits of traders who decide to leave before trading live. When you make a deposit it is impossible to return your money. InsideBitcoins research finds that their customer service disappears after a trader has made deposits. If you’ve read our reviews, you’ll find this to be typical of the majority of scammers. They are primarily interested in the amount you pay, and once you’ve made the payment, they will cease to have relationship with you.

Bitcoin Victory allows deposits via Visa, Master Card, Wire Transfer, Maestro, Skrill, Web Money, Bitcoin and many more. Our research shows that they are not able to manage billing information in a secure manner. They also could expose your bank account information to hackers when you deposit money through them. Take a look at the Bitcoin Profit review to find a legitimate and extremely secure trading robot.

Fake Live trading platform

InsideBitcoins live test has revealed the fact that Bitcoin Victory does not have any trading technology that is proprietary. As with other scam platforms they offer nothing an incredibly designed website. This website is a replica of an actual web-trader that tries to fool people into thinking they are part of live trading. However, the truth is Bitcoin Victory does not connect to any exchange. In addition, all of the brokers that are listed as partners do not exist.

The outcomes obtained through this fake trading system are predetermined. People who participate in live trading have reported constant losses. In addition, the fraudsters who operate Bitcoin Victory keep pestering traders to increase the amount of money. There are numerous complaints that the platform is trying to debit cardholders without authorization by the owners. We can’t stress enough about the importance of staying away from this website.

Bitcoin Victory: Key Features

Are you sure? Bitcoin Victory a scam? The Verdict!

Bitcoin Victory is a scam that claims to help traders earn 500 dollars per day in daily earnings. This isn’t the case. The traders who sign up on this platform can end up with massive losses. This review shows that the majority of the information that is provided by the platform on its website is fake. For example the testimonials are comprised of. The Google reverse image search will reveal that the images included in testimonials are all stock photos.

We also found out that the brokers who are listed as partners on this platform don’t exist. That means there’s no trading at all. Bitcoin Victory is nothing but an online platform that connects unwitting traders to scammers. It is also risky. InsideBitcoins review has revealed that their site is infected by malware that harvests data. Our investigation also shows that they share user information with fraudsters. People who sign up are reported to receive lots of unwanted calls and emails.

InsideBitcoins recommends that you only use verified and tested robots. Bitcoin Loophole is one of the most reliable trading bots available in 2019. Click the „trade now“ button on the table below to play with this bot.